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Sobriety House's COVID-19 Response

We at Sobriety House are committed to continuing to provide care during this extremely challenging time. We are working daily to improve our tele-health capabilities and we are focused on providing the best and most capable care we can while maintaining the safety of our clients, staff and community.

Sobriety House’s administrative leadership are working closely with professionals in the health care community to learn the latest about the COVID-19 virus and to implement recommended safety procedures. We have already implemented all recommended safety protocols and will continue to adjust as new policies and procedures become necessary.

Sobriety House is offering traditional and intensive outpatient services that can be attended remotely from the safety of your home. Intakes to our inpatient residential programs were temporarily suspended following the imposition of the state mandated “stay-at-home” order, and as the state begins to move towards a resumption of normal operations we anticipate a slow but steady return to normal operations.

We have recently resumed enrollment into our residential program and we are implementing new intake procedures to provide the highest level of safety possible to our clients and staff. To learn the latest about the status of our intake schedule please call our Intake Coordinator at 720-381-4337.