Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for residential programs at Sobriety House, the applicant must be:

1.) Clients must be a drug or alcohol abuser or substance dependent.

2.) Clients must be a resident of Region II which includes: Adams, Jefferson, Arapahoe, Douglas, Denver, Clear Creek and Gilpin counties. Private Pay clients do not have to be from the Denver Metro area.

3.) Sobriety House does not accept out of state offenders.

4.) Clients must be at least 18 years of age.

5.) Phase II clients – One of these must apply: a. Pay fees from work related income b. Receive Social Security for a disability c. Be retired d. Be a full-time student

6.) Clients must have no behavioral problems that would be distracting to the recovery of others. Medical or mental health problems that would be distracting to the recovery of others. Medical or mental health problems must be stabilized prior to admission since Sobriety House is not a medical facility. Sobriety House is unable to treat clients with severe mental health problems (primarily those with schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders), except participants in Phoenix Concept’s Insights program (Medicaid approved through Colorado Access). If a client is in need of psychotropic medication(s), they must be stabilized on the medication(s) before being admitted and have a 30 day supply of their medication. Phoenix Concept clients must have medication orders before being admitted. All clients must have medication orders for any psychotropic medications and all controlled substances prior to admission.

7.) Clients must fit the appropriate  ASAM PPC2 R level of care, request a specific Sobriety House program or the interviewing counselor must clinically justify why the client should be placed in this program and document this in the client chart.

8.) Clients must not be a “system abuser”. The  program is designed for clients who have some internal motivation to remain abstinent from alcohol and other drugs. The program is not designed for clients to avoid the consequences of the courts, for housing needs or to placate family members. Clients with outstanding arrest warrants are not eligible.

9.) Readmissions are subject to staff approval.

10.) Clients must be drug and alcohol free for a minimum of 72 hours and present no withdrawal risk. Clients with a history of withdrawal seizures or DT’s must be detoxified in an appropriate program before being admitted.

11.) Clients must be released from jail or prison in order to be considered for admission. Clients with an history of violence or sexual crime perpetrators are not eligible. This includes, but is not limited to: burglary, robbery, assault, incest, domestic violence, harassment/stalking, arson, rape, attempted murder, murder, offenses related to firearms and other weapons, wrongs to children, kidnapping, etc. Clients that have upcoming court dates or are on probation or parole for the above offenses are not eligible for the program. Staff may conduct a CBI background check on prospective clients.

We Also Serve the Following Priority Populations:

  • IC Committed Clients
  • Pregnant Women
  • Injection Drug Users
  • Women with Dependent Children

To contact our intake coordinator click here or call 720.381.4337.