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Frequently Asked Questions

Phase I is generally 29 days-1 day for the intake process and 28 days of treatment. However client placement in level of care is determined by individual assessment. Treatment at Sobriety House in all levels of care is variable, dependent on individual needs and progress.

Phase II is on a month-to-month basis with most clients staying at least two months. The maximum amount of time is generally 6 months.

Sober living type 1  is two months  at the end of Phase II in preparation to leave treatment.

Sober living type 2 is a maximum of 9 months at the Gaylord Apartments.

No. All determinations of care levels are made by clinical assessment.  If you and your counselor determine that Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient or Transitional Residential (Phase II) is more clinically appropriate than Intensive Residential (Phase I) then that is where you will start. However, it is a requirement to graduate from Sobriety House’s Transitional Program (Phase II) in order to qualify for Sober living.

Normally yes. The rooms at Sobriety House properties are almost all semi-private. Experience has shown us that clients have better treatment outcomes when they have a roommate and don’t isolate. 

However, currently due to the Covid-19 crisis all clients will be assigned an individual room.

Yes. There are light duty chores required of every client. Decades of experience has taught us that work is good for those recovering from substance abuse. Work builds a sense of pride and confidence and re-establishes accountability.

Clients in Phase I are not allowed to use any personal electronics. We have found that the removal of this distraction allows clients the freedom to focus on the sometimes difficult process of reconnecting with themselves.

Phase II clients are allowed to have their phones and computer during the day, but must check them in at 10 P.M. nightly.

Currently we accept Medicaid for Outpatient and Intensive outpatient services.  A Medicaid benefit for residential treatment begins in July 2021. Additionally, Kaiser is currently the only insurance we accept. 

We offer sliding scale and partial or full grant funding to those clients that meet certain income and residency requirements. Please contact us to find out more information.   


Yes. Our Medical Director has the ability to prescribe any medication including Suboxone.  We also work with many local M.A.T. providers. 

You probably have many questions concerning treatment and what we do at Sobriety House. Hopefully this page will answer the majority of them. If you have questions or concerns that this page doesn’t answer please reach out and send us an email or call and we will be happy to address your concern or answer your questions.