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Transitional Residential Treatment

Phase II

Phase II is a 30-180-day structured, supportive program where clients obtain full-time employment during the day and attend treatment activities during the evenings.
These activities include:
* Group Therapy Sessions
* One-on-One Counseling
* 12-Step Meetings
* Participation in 12-step work
Phase II is often recommended for clients who complete the Phase I program.

Call 720-381-4337 to speak with our Intake Coordinator

At least 18 years old

Willingness to participate in program activities.

Usually, Phase II clients are expected to have recently completed an Intensive Treatment program.

Sobriety House is required to follow certain Denver city ordinances regarding legal issues, and there are other requirements. The phone pre-screen will address these issues.

Final determination of acceptance is made clinically after a detailed assessment on the date of prospective intake.


Phase II clients are required to leave campus from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm, Mon-Fri. Clients are required to be working, looking for work, attending school full-time, or participating in volunteer work. Clients may stay in house on Saturday and Sunday. 

Clients attend evening therapy groups on Monday and Wednesday from 6:30pm to 8pm and meet with an individual counselor at least once a week.

Curfew is a strict 10:00pm.

Phones and personal electronics must be turned in nightly by 10pm.

Clients are required to attend 3 recovery meetings a week. These can be 12-step focused or another community recovery organization.

Clients are required to work, attend school full-time, or volunteer.

Sobriety House’s Phase II is a state licensed American Society of Addiction Medicine level 3.1 Transitional Residential Treatment Program.