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What To Expect

Patients are responsible for making their own travel arrangements. For those traveling from out-of-state, Sobriety House will arrange for your pick up from the airport. Sobriety House staff will meet you at the baggage claim area when you arrive and transport you back to the airport when you are discharged.

You will be welcomed by a staff member in our reception area. There will be paperwork to complete including an in-depth assessment, consent forms, treatment plan and so on. You will also be given a tour and be introduced to other members of the staff and your treatment group. The House Manager will then provide you with program orientation information, assign you a bed and give you a urine screen. You also will be issued a program manual with orientation information, required reading and homework materials. The intake/admission process is an entire da

* Limited amount of clothing – enough for approximately 10 days. Laundry facilities, including supplies, are available for client use.  Irons and ironing boards are accessible, but we suggest that wash-and-wear clothing will be more convenient. Dry cleaning services are not available.

*Hygiene items, soap, toothbrush, etc. Nail clippers are allowed. Personal towels are allowed. 

*Sobriety House keeps personal hygiene items and over the counter medications on hand for those that need them. This includes feminine hygiene items

* Flat-soled or tennis shoes are recommended. Shoes and/or slippers must be worn outside your room. Bare feet are not permitted.

* Lightweight jackets and sweaters are recommended for evening wear year-round – a heavier coat or jacket is recommended for winter months.

* Insurance card, if applicable. Identification and proof of income, if applicable

*All prescription medications and a detailed list of all medications you are currently taking. Include the name of medication, the dosage and frequency administered, name of physician who prescribed the medication, and the reason for the medication.

* It is recommended that you lock up any valuables not in your immediate possession. A safe is provided for this purpose. Sobriety House staff cannot be responsible for your valuables.


1. Illegal drugs
2. Alcohol – beer, wine, etc.
3. Rubbing alcohol
4. Drug paraphernalia – needles, papers, pipes, etc.
5. Any product with alcohol content
6. Fingernail polish remover
7. Cleaning liquids
8. Empty pill bottles
9. Guns, knives or any other weapons
10. TV’s
11. Mug warmers
12. Hot plates
13. Candles
14. Incense
15. Pornography
Expensive jewelry, etc.

* Do not bring personal bedding items such as pillows and blankets

*Ask the House Manager if you are unsure if you can bring an item into the facility.

 *If you require a prescribed medication or need to take an over-the-counter drug, they must be monitored by the House Manager. 

*Cell phones and computers are checked into the House Managers office and clients are not allowed to use them during the Phase I program. 

*Clients in Phase II check their cell phones and computers into the office each night but are allowed to check them back out each morning.

Tobacco may be used while a resident of the program. 

Many people choose to quit using tobacco while they are clients of the program, however, you are not required to do so.

Sobriety House provides smoking areas for those clients that opt not to quit smoking yet.

Clients are not be able to purchase cigarettes while in the Phase I program, so it will be necessary for you to bring what you will consume during your stay.

Clients may have visitors on Saturdays, Sundays and designated holidays. 

Sobriety House staff can deny visitors if they are deemed detrimental to the client or community in general. 

Visitors must sign in at the House Manager’s office upon arrival. 

Due to our strict client confidentiality policy, cameras of any kind are not permitted on the grounds.

Visiting hours  are on Saturdays and Sundays from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. Visitors can stay for up to 2 hours per visit.

At Sobriety House, we place a premium on providing respectful treatment of patients, family members, and staff in a safe and supportive environment. The privacy rights of our clients and their family members are preserved and protected. These rights are outlined in the client handbook that will be given to you upon admission.


Our commitment to each patient’s confidentiality is ensured by our legal responsibility as mandated by state and federal law. Each member of the Sobriety House team is dedicated to upholding these standards in all communications and records. You will be asked to complete releases of information if you wish Sobriety House to provide or obtain protected health information to any individual or organization.

This page outlines what you can expect once you arrive at Sobriety House for treatment and lets you know what to, and what not to, bring. It is not all inclusive and is only intended to be a useful outline. Please call 720-381-4337 for any specific questions