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What to Look for in a Treatment Program

A state license is proof that the program has oversight including quality control, and that the therapies they provide are considered effective by those that oversee substance use disorder treatment. Sobriety House is licensed by the State of Colorado to provide Intensive and Transitional Residential as well as Intensive and Traditional Outpatient substance use disorder treatment.

Substance use disorder treatment is a specialized branch of behavioral health. It is important that the staff that provides treatment be licensed or certified to provide treatment. Sobriety House employs counselors that are certified and/or licensed to provide substance use disorder treatment.    

Substance use disorder treatment is both a mental and physical disease. Therefore, it is important that the treatment program addresses both of these issues. Sobriety House employs an onsite full-time psychiatrist as our Medical Director.  

Substance use disorder is a very isolating and often misunderstood condition. It is often extremely helpful and therapeutic to receive services from someone who has been where you are and who are in recovery. All of the House Managers for Sobriety House are successful graduates from the program and many others on our staff are also in recovery.

Evidence-based  therapies delivered by qualified professionals are the hallmark of any effective program. Sobriety House offers several types of evidenced-based treatment. 

The overall treatment philosophy of a program will tell you a lot about what you can expect. Sobriety House is a 12-step focused evidenced-based treatment program. This means that we support and advocate the 12-step model as an effective recovery tool. However, we also use newer and proven effective evidence-based therapies such as Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused Brief Therapy.  

Sobriety House is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our mission is our passion, which is helping people recover from addiction.  

Sobriety House’s fees are upfront and all-inclusive. When researching programs make sure you know for certain what their fees are, how much of this your insurance will pay, and what happens if your insurance doesn’t cover the full cost of treatment.

Medication Assisted Treatment combined with other evidence-based therapy is a proven, effective method of recovery from substance use disorder. At Sobriety House our Medical Director has the ability to prescribe any medication including the various medication assisted therapies and we work with many local M.A.T. providers. 

These are some basic guidelines and questions you should ask to help you in your search for a treatment program that meets your needs. We recognize at Sobriety House that there are many programs and options to consider when it comes to recovery. We hope that these guidelines can help you make a wise and informed decision.