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Admissions Process

Admission to Sobriety House starts with a brief phone screening (including Covid-19 questions) with our Intake Coordinator.   

Admissions are accepted on a first come first serve basis except for our priority populations. 

Priority placement is given for certain clients that fall into state defined categories, such as women who are pregnant and women with dependent children, IV drug users and involuntarily committed clients. 

The screening process will determine eligibility for priority placement, fitness for our program and eligibility for grant funding

If we are unable to immediately schedule an intake date for you we will place you on our wait list. Do not be discouraged! We will provide resources to use while you wait and if necessary we will refer you to another program. Be sure to call once a week to stay on the list and follow the instructions of the Intake Coordinator.

Call 720-381-4337 to speak with our Intake Coordinator

At least 18 years old.

Willingness to participate in program activities.

Medically safe to enter treatment.

Sobriety House is required to follow certain Denver city ordinances regarding legal issues, and there are other requirements. The phone pre-screen will address these issues.

Final determination of acceptance is made clinically after a detailed assessment on the date of prospective intake.

Sobriety House is committed to helping those most in need find treatment. We offer priority placement to pregnant women, women with dependent children, and intravenous drug users, and involuntarily committed clients. We also offer a 10% discount and priority placement to all veterans of our armed forces. Veterans may be eligible for funding through a special grant.

Please have the following information ready to share and be in a private location when you call:

Substance use concerns, including last date of use

Substance use history

Psychiatric history and diagnosis

Medical history

Legal issues, past and current

Past treatment history

This information will be reviewed by our staff in order to determine clinical appropriateness for our program.

Substance use disorder impacts the family and close relations of those that suffer from it almost as much as it does the sufferer. Sobriety House recognizes this fact and we strive to help prospective client’s friends and family understand and deal with this reality.

If you are concerned about your loved one, you are welcome to contact our Intake Coordinator with questions about our program and discuss the options for care that we have available. We can also assist with references to detoxification facilities and other treatment programs that may be more clinically or medically appropriate.

All calls to Sobriety House are confidential. We will never share your information with anyone without your express permission. Even if a friend or family member is the first to call, once we speak to a prospective client all communication will be with that client from then on unless the client gives us permission to talk to friends and family through a written release of information.

The decision to seek help demonstrates the courage necessary to pursue a life-altering experience. Sobriety House recognizes the difficulty that comes with the decision to seek care for substance abuse, which is why we strive to make the process as comfortable as possible.